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Are you a binge sitter?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Since the onset of COVID-19, working from home practices have become the norm. While this has increased productivity and efficiency for employers, it has resulted in prolonged sitting time amongst desk-based employees.

Recent studies have shown that the average office worker sits for more than 80 000 hours over their lifetime and spends more time sitting than they do sleeping!

The incidental exercises of walking to the train station and going out to lunch has been greatly reduced and many of us now end up spending practically the entire day in a seated position.

This increase in inactivity has a direct impact on your health and contributes to - and further exacerbates - existing conditions like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, joint issues, neck and lower back pain. It can also cause cardiovascular diseases and increase your risk of some cancers.

With sitting described as the new smoking, it’s time to break the habit of unconscious binge-sitting and make a conscious effort to break up your sitting time.

Here are some simple strategies you can add to your daily routine

  • Start the day with a brisk walk 15-20 minute walk

  • Invest in a standing desk

  • Walk and talk

  • Stand up and move when on the phone

  • Stretch during breaks or virtual meetings

In short, take the opportunity to get up and move!

Here at Pro Perform Physio, we can suggest exercises and stretching routines you can apply at home to get you more mobile.


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