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Physiotherapy Session


Sports Injuries

Sports can cause a variety of musculoskeletal problems causing injury to the joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and nerves.  The demanding nature of sport and habitual movement patterns puts the body under too much strain and can cause recurrent injuries leading to significant long-term problems. 

ACL Rehabilitation

We offer long term solutions and a smooth integration to the rehabilitation phase of your treatment.

Neck and Back Pain

Some of the most common neck and back pain conditions include trapped nerves, posture-related neck pain, slipped discs and mechanical back pain.

Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash injury occurs on any number of structures in the neck when your head has been thrown back and forth with considerable force, often as a result of a road traffic accident or contact sports. Symptoms include a dull ache or sharp pain during sudden movement, as well as stiffness, joint clicks, and pins and needles.

Shoulder Pain

Common shoulder problems include frozen shoulder, shoulder instability, impingement, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder dislocation and AC joint injury.

Joint Pain

Inflammation to joints, muscles, tendons, or ligaments is very common can occur through a variety of factors including hereditary factors. Symptoms include pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is reoccurring pain that has lasted more than 12 weeks and often beyond the time it takes for normal tissue damage or inflammation to heal. Common causes include arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, and phantom pain. 


Headaches are extremely common and characterised by varying degrees of pain and discomfort on one or both sides of the head or neck. Headaches take on many forms including tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraines. Symptoms can include sensitivity to light, visual disturbances, and sinus pain. Often occurring daily, this can cause significant disruption to the functioning of everyday life.

Vertigo and Balance, Vestibular Rehabilitation Problems

The vestibular system incorporates the inner ear and parts of the brain and controls balance and spatial orientation. Disruption to this system causes vertigo, dizziness, nausea, spinning and loss of balance.

We are a provider for:

  • Workers Compensation

  • Motor Vehicle Accident

  • Medicare Referrals and Care Plans

  • DVA

  • All Private Health Insurers

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