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Running Analysis

Improving your running time and preventing injury are our main goals.

Running Analysis is a slow motion video assessment of your current running biomechanics, examining all features of your style including your stride length, cadence, upper limb, trunk, and lower limb mechanics. Videos are taken from behind and from the side of the athlete, with careful observation of each area and any deficiencies identified. Deficiencies in your running technique may contribute to your current injury, or predispose you to future injury, as well as impact your running economy.

Once we examine your current technique, an individualised program will include

  • Running exercises to address any range of motion or strength deficits that you may have,

  • Technical drills to improve your running efficiency, reduce wasted energy, and improve your stride and loading patterns,

  • Training and load management program to ensure you are well balanced with your load vs recovery.

At Pro Perform Physio, we are passionate about you getting the best out of your running. So if you have a running related injury or need help with your running technique then call us on 93093166 or book through our website.

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