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Musculoskeletal Screening

Musculoskeletal screening is a full body, sports specific screening assessment used to identify risk factors for injury and find ways to help improve your sports performance. When performing a musculoskeletal screening, our physios take into account each athlete’s injury history and sporting requirements in order to tailor the assessment to you. 


A screening should ideally be performed during pre-season or prior to important games or tournaments so that any potential risk factors can be identified and addressed early. While musculoskeletal screenings are a great tool to improve athletic performance, they are also beneficial for those who are looking to start their fitness journey, or those who are susceptible to injury. Our therapists will go through a series of screening questions with you before taking you through the appropriate tests in order to identify any potential weaknesses or impairments. Once these impairments have been identified we will work with you to develop an exercise program in order to get you performing at your best. 

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