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Foot and Ankle Pain

The foot and ankle is a complex region of the body comprising of ligaments, joints, muscles and fascia or connective tissue. It is crucial in everyday function such as walking, running and jumping, but also plays an important role in maintaining our balance and preventing falls. Common causes of pain in this area are ligament sprains, tendinopathy, arthritis and plantar fasciitis, however any of the structures around the foot and ankle can generate pain if injured or overloaded. Injuries to the foot and ankle can be very limiting, which is why its important to rehab them properly to avoid further pain and impact to your day to day life.

How Can We Help?

Our therapists will take you through a thorough assessment to determine which of the structures around the ankle and foot are causing your pain and why. We will provide you with treatment in order to calm down the pain and irritation in the area, then work with you to build a rehab plan to improve your function. Our rehab plans are individualised to meet your level of activity and will take you from early stage range of motion exercises to late stage strengthening and balance drills. It is important to complete all stages of your rehab plan, especially the later stages, in order to maximise your recovery and minimise the risk of re-injury.

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