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Knee Injuries

The knee joint is a hinge joint, meaning its primary movements are bending and straightening the knee. It takes significant amounts of load day to day, particularly when running, jumping or playing sports. As a result of this, it is unfortunately one of the more commonly injured joints in the body. Knee pain can come on gradually, often as a result of increasing loads too quickly, or it can be a result of a direct injury to the knee such as a fall or knock to the knee during sport. Knee injuries can present with sharp or achy pain in and around the knee cap or knee joint, swelling, clicking, catching or feelings of the knee ‘giving way’. If you experience any of these symptoms you may benefit from a physiotherapy review.

How Can We Help?

Knee injuries often respond well to physiotherapy treatment. Our therapists will take you through a thorough assessment in order to determine the cause of your pain, and from there we will develop a rehab plan that focuses on reducing pain in the short term and building strength and capacity in the long term. Our programs will focus on rehabilitating the entire leg including the hip and ankle, not just focusing on the knee. We will work with you to help you reduce your pain and achieve your goals, whether that is getting back to sport or a sunday walk along the beach.

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