At Pro Perform Physiotherapy, we offer a range of different services performed by highly qualified professionals with a wealth of experience.

Sports Physiotherapy

Injury in sport can be both phyiscally and mentally debilitating. We will help you get back to peak performance quickly and reduce the risk of further injury so you can enjoy a long-term career in the sport you love

Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise is known to promote a faster recovery. 

Through a variety of techniques including strengthening, mobility work, stretching and aerobic exercise, you will be able to get back to optimal health.


Suffering from repetitive lower limb injury? We will conduct a full running analysis & prescribe a tailored exercise program.  Also available for professional runners looking to enhance form &  performance

Massage and Manual Therapy

This hands on treatment is perfect for releasing deep tissue tension and increasing movement after  injury or heavy load activity. It also helps to relax the muscle, triggering the healing process for quicker recover.


This evidence based technique is used throughout conventional and alternative medicine as a treatment of dysfunctional skeletal muscle and connective tissue.


It is proven to relax the muscle and relieve pressure, healing functional and structural damages.

Musculoskeletal Screening

Through our musculoskeletal screening process, we will identify sports-specific factors including posture, coordination, control, strength, movement and range.

Pre and Post Operative Rehab

Our full range of pre and post operative rehab services are suitable for surgical procedures including orthopedic, cardiac, thoracic, neurological and abdominal surgery.  We'll help you recover quicker and regain your independence.

Chronic Pain Management

Our scientifically proven pain management strategies will help you reduce, control and manage your pain on a daily basis. 


Nobody should have to live with pain.

Workers Comp

We cover full physical assessments and will subscribe a tailored exercise program utilising our fully equipped hum to help you get you back at work as quickly as possible. 

DVA Patients

If you have a DVA Gold Card the Department of Veteran's Affairs (DVA) will pay for your  physiotherapy services, through DVA arrangements, to meet your clinical needs.  We provide this service under the Medicare Benefits Scheme.

EPC Referrals

Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) is a GP referral program which can provide you with up to 5 paid Physiotherapy sessions. The program is available to those with a musculoskeletal, chronic or co-existing health conditions.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

We will prescribe a personalised treatment program and liaise with all the relevant health professionals and Third Party insurers 

concerning your  motor vehicle accident, or car crash claim.

Private Health & Referrals


We accept all major health care providers so you can claim on the spot and save on your consultation costs.

We can also arrange for direct referrals to specialists and imaging as needed.

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