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Leg Injury

Connecting Health and Performance

How we can help you

At Pro Perform Physio we aim to:

  • Promote good health

  • Provide outstanding service and

  • Produce positive outcomes


We pride ourselves on careful listening to the patient, identify the primary drivers of the pain, and discuss an individualised plan to guide you on the most efficient pathway to return to a high quality of life. Regardless of your age or fitness level, or whether you play sport or not, reducing your pain and improving your daily performance is our highest priority.

You will be assessed and treated by our highly qualified, experienced, and caring team of therapists.

You will receive quality education and an explanation of your problem, the factors involved, and a detailed plan of the best way forward.

Through a range of specialist physiotherapy services, you will achieve the results you need so you can get back to being your best self.

Our Services

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Sports Physio

Injury in sport can be both physically and mentally debilitating. We will help you get back to peak performance quickly and reduce the risk of further injury so you can enjoy a long-term career in the sport you love.

Physical Therapy Session

Exercise Rehab

Exercise and movement is the key to promote healing and a faster recovery. 

Through a variety of forms including stretching and mobility, motor control, strengthening,  and aerobic exercise, we will get you back to optimal health.


Massage Therapy

This hands-on treatment is perfect for releasing muscle tension and spasm that can reduce your pain and improve your quality of movement after injury, heavy load activity, or sitting at work for long periods.

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Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Exercise Bands
Child Physiotherapy
Senior Physiotherapy

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Senior Physiotherapy

We Provide A Solution To Your Pain

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